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    Sometimes you just want to let go off some memories. Your heart wants to forget some people and the pain they've inflicted on your soul. But the very same people, sometimes the society as well don't let these wounds heal. They keep reminding you of those terrible days which you're trying so hard to forget.
    This mostly happens with rape victims. It happens with those girls and women who've faced domestic violence or physical abuse. The physical pain is already so much to bear but the society and the people instead of helping them recover, they just add more to their mental and emotional pain by asking them silly questions about the very things they want to forget.
    They will not let these women raise their voices by planting fears of losing respect in the society in their minds. The hypocrisy is that, when any of these women decide to raise a voice; get a case filed; get justice which to them at first the society denied thus being appreciated and recognised for their courage and strength, are the very people who will come to congratulate these women and boast about their relations with these strong women to become famous.
    What message are we sending out to the next generation? What will they learn from all this? Give a thought to it. Decide if this is what you want to do. And trust me and when the same will happen to your sisters and daughters, you will regret your choices. That day you will realise that your reputation and ego is not more important than the happiness of your very soul.❤��

    Goodnight beautiful people!��

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