• discombobulated_soul 5w

    Science - The New God

    Frankenstein was an enthralling fable crafted by Mary Shelley. But human cloning is becoming very close to a reality and it was Dolly the first cloned sheep who set the wheels in motion. Terms like human cloning, GM foods and artificial intelligence have become the buzzwords of the 21st century. This will be an ineluctable component of our future. The ethical compass on the matter needs to be ascertained and the pros and cons weighed as well.

    Dubbed as the human insurance, Human cloning can undoubtedly bring about a myriad of benefits. Ever progressing technology and reckless lifestyles also results in more accidents. Transplantations lists are painfully long now. Human clones are the shiny new spare parts waiting to be used. And the added advantage of prolonged life span can help an individual all his dreams. Children, little pieces of heaven are a blessing in the lives of all parents. And then we have parents whose gardens are devoid of angels running about. Cloning may be the solution that brings great amount of joy to the childless couples. Genetic conditions have always stymied the possibility of leading a normal life. Human clones, the customised and personalised version of one self can be used to eliminate the undesirable traits of flawed human mind. Super humans may finally be a race superior to the ordinary homo sapiens.

    The biggest challenge is to ignore the hubris of the man to play ‘God’!! We already have a plethora of shameful blunders in our kitty. We will never grow big enough to compensate for Pearl Harbour, the Holocaust, 9/11 or 26/11 and now we want to replicate human beings without soul for the betterment of mankind. It may bolster the economic pockets of the powerful nations and once again the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Dolly supposedly took 270 Hours to be made and how many more hours will the State-of-the-art facilities need to create the biggest possible mistake?? The resources can always be put to enhance the infrastructure which will have a transcending effect on the citizens of the nation. Man is a species known for its idiosyncrasies but the idea of cloning will obliterate uniqueness of the human mind.

    Human cloning will always remain a bone of contention for the advocates and the adversaries of the same. Science is becoming the new creator of the Universe, alas! let good win over the evil and the world be a better place for the future generations.