• the_broken_sapphire 10w

    Do i really own something in this world? No ! Yeahh.......
    I was always fitted into the frames that others have build.
    They were happy. I pretend to be happy.
    Do they ask me if am? No ! They don't.
    A few took some steps to quill my wings of dream. But all wasted.
    You know why? This world is so selfish.
    Bursting up my head, throwing up things i just walked away. I was totally pissed off.
    The lawn was dark and cold. My legs are moving faster than my thoughts. May be habit of hiding. This world is not perfect neither me. I try my self to be perfect for other, but what reality is they really didn't ask me what you are?.
    End of the day grab a cup of tea and take a nap.

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