• neetesh19 22w

    If anyone tells you that you’re not enough, kick them hard with results of your success and let them know that you’re. That you can, and you will do everything that matters to you. That nobody can define who you’re, nobody can judge you for being you. Let them know that you’re genuine and will always remain a beautiful soul.

    If someone, comments on physical appearances of your body and make it a reason for not being with you or make fun of you. Just let them be. Don’t hurt them. Just walk away from them. Because as much as there are people like them who hurt you for being you. There are a whole lot of people who will love you for who you’re. Protecting your self-esteem is essential. No one should be playing with it. The power to define yourself should be within you and not with them.

    Sometimes, it’s always good to walk away from things that are toxic. A bad relationship or friendship. I won't hesitate to walk away from my relatives if they give me negative vibes. Always trust your gut instinct. Don’t let their actions be the consequences of your demeanor. Run wild and free and fly like a bird that can’t be caged.

    Please do not let others make you lose the elements of good inside you. Some people will do everything to make you smile. Learn to live without baggage and restrictions. You are you for a reason, against all the odds. Love yourself until every inch of your corrodes to naught.