• iridescentdreams 5w

    This is my corny, romantic take on a sonnet #love #thoughts #romance #romantic #relationship #pod #poetry #mirakee #sonnet

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    Ode to Love

    Heaven's angels weep at the sight of you,
    For your beauty is so captivating,
    Your grace is something seen only in few,
    Your presence is something quite elating.

    There is something heavenly in your smile,
    That strings at the very chords of my heart,
    For you I would walk a thousand miles,
    Just to ensure that we don’t stay apart.

    No words can for sure describe how I feel
    About you; you’re just so perfect and divine.
    A heaven sent, you’re much more than ideal,
    One day I wish to truly make you mine.

    Til’ then, my soul will be forever damned, 
    Tormented, glum, until I have your hand.