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    Penned this fictional piece few days back. Its long but I think its worth a read.

    As soon as I got the message that my friend has gone into the depression. I went to him to talk but he denied meeting with me. But some how, I convinced him and asked him what has happened, though I knew why he was suffering and what he was undergoing.

    Here is an excerpt of what I said to him.

    After some time, this pain becomes a state of mind and heart, in which we make our home and began to live like a prisioner, further it doesn't pain. We do not feel good or bad, false or truth. We gradually drown ourselves into the chasm of pessimism until it becomes difficult to come out from the same.

    Oh, Innocent heart with closed eyes,
    what you will get, if not betrayl.

    Your love and care for her was up to the point, she wanted. She fed herself enough of you my friend, and she moved ahead with the new one. That's what you call is true love?

    I dont understand what this term "True love" means actually.
    True and love are two different words with two different meanings with two different realities. Dont mix them up.
    True is itself an ingredient of love with many other ingredients like understanding, inspiring, caring, motivating, elevating, cute fights etc.

    To which all chuncks call or blab true love nowadays, is actually 'infatuation'. Lets use an extravagant word for it 'Limerence'. When they find themselves in limerence they began to jump without knowing the true meaning of love. I understand, this is their first time and may be, love at first sight. But it doesnt matter at all the same way other person is thinking.
    They destroy completely when one of the them moves ahead with someone else or chooses to be single or engages herself in some other important stuff.
    Reality is bitter but accept this my friend.
    Will you destroy your life for the one who wasn't yours ever?
    Who never accepted your life, your pain and sufferings?
    Who was not made for you?
    Who never motivated you to achieve what you actually wanted?
    Who left you in the depth of a dark well but herself, moved up brick by brick.
    I understand you love her, but love is not a forte of every one.
    You will get your soulmate when your destiny will permit.
    If she had loved you, she would not have left you broken, in tears.
    See around you, there are many ones who actually love you and want to see you go ahead.
    Now do you deserve their love? Will you prove them you love them too? ... .

    He looked into my eyes with tears and uttered these words,
    "please save me, I was broken completely and found no one else close to me who could lift me up and show me the right way. Save me, I did mistake. I have taken poison."

    Soon he was taken to the hospital, and God saved him.

    Please support your brothers, sisters and friends. Boost up their morale by uttering two three sentences, it would not make you anything lesser. Perhaps, they can feel much better then and you too.


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