• xyllyn 24w


    My brain is a hurricane of thoughts,
    My tounge is in knots
    Can someone please tell me how to escape from this horror called a life
    someone give me a light, my brain is in blight, I get caught up in the night. Teased 'bout my height, thrown cuz I'm too light, I fall down like a kite... But kites also do fly, like a shining diamond in the sky so even if I cry I still cannot die for the children will weep, and the reapers will reap for the loss of family will create a calamity in this household of mine so
    I won't say I'm fine, instead I'll look for help I'll yap and I'll yelp and then they come running instead of me gunning this place to the ground my thoughts will be unwound, thank you dear Lord for my life is not longer in discord.