• another_you 23w

    all he could say

    He turned around
    she said 'stop, wait, don't go far'
    'mom' is a guide
    sent by his favourite star.

    wish mom could live with him forever
    wish he could live with mom forever

    he left to never come back
    the tears she shed were all that she had
    on his way when he turned around
    no one was there to tell him to stay safe and sound.

    wish he had never left
    wish he could go back

    oh yes he can!

    he planned to tell her
    that how much he loved her
    that he was never going anywhere leaving her alone
    that she was an angel sent by the star

    'mom' he yelled
    but no one was there to reply
    "May be she has gone somewhere
    she will be right back
    I will wait"

    a pure dream he saw in his little nap
    mom was holding his small hand
    he escaped from it to fetch a beautiful flower
    and when he turned around
    'ma' was far far and far away
    'stop, wait, don't go far' was all he could say.