• cmroman1980 6w

    Just a Young Girl

    She's little, maybe six or eight
    But her body is nine and her mind is twelve;
    Her heart's a teen and her spirit is weighed
    By the things inside that reside and delve
    In the innermost pockets of her little heart.
    But most of those are now worn at the seams.
    She believes in angels in the light, in the dark,
    Demons tearing away at her dreams.
    She believes in fate
    But her fate seems grim
    She believes in faith
    But there's none within.
    She sees what she sees,
    And this life is to blame.
    She'll swallow the seas
    Of her anguish the same
    As her mother did when she was small and afraid.
    Not another did take Mom away from the pain.
    She knew a life that was tainted the same.
    She knew a world that was riddled and aimed
    At the same kinds of losses the same disappointments
    To which there's no salve, no cream, and no ointment
    Annoint me dear Father!
    Heal the scars that won't fade!
    Annoint us Lord, come! Take this precious young maid
    And carry me home for I was a mistake.
    I long to be home, I didn't ask to be made.
    This road is too long and I'm not even Eight.
    Don't make me wait or anticipate
    The end of this road is 80 years too far.
    I long for your love and this warmth of your world.
    This Earth is too cold and I'm just a young girl.