• leeahporcelain 24w

    My fiance who passed away,
    I will never forget you.
    Fly high Peter pan

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    Passing Time

    If not now then when?
    I can barely remember
    the sweet sound of your voice.
    Or the way you'd smile,
    and laugh.
    The feeling of your lips,
    pressed against mine.
    Like fitting two pieces of a puzzle
    perfectly in place.
    Hand in hand,
    we were at peace.
    Nothing could stop us,
    from our dreams.
    Knowing we were meant to be,
    just wishing for that fairytale ending.
    But the wrong place at the wrong time
    had you ripped away from me..
    So the mourning began,
    and the numbness set in.
    And 2 years have passed,
    so empty.
    so quickly.
    Like ripping pages from a book,
    that you know
    you'll never finish reading.
    So I let it sink in,
    I know that your gone.
    But I'm scared of forgetting you,
    and the memories we left behind..
    But life goes on,
    and I am still here fighting.
    Trying to start a new family,
    a new life..
    And now I can barely remember
    The sweet sound of your voice..