• prity2701 5w


    If there is no green , no celebration ,
    no pulses ,no grains ,no one to care for vegetation ,
    Farmer ,you are the eldest son to the mother earth.

    You thank mother on everybody's behalf
    From oxes ,buffaloes ,cows ,horses
    to the giant breed of this disturbed human generation ,
    Are all dependent on you without any notion.
    We eat ,we live we survive because we have you on our back mind ..
    We have the villages ,where there is only farming,
    All vegetation ,no traffics ,no malls charming
    It is you who after the Annapurna ,give us to eat otherwise ,we humans are not bad to buture each other,
    Other than the farm animals ,
    It would have been this race of mannered and educated animals,
    So depending on your harvest we survive ,
    It is your stregnth that we ignite ..
    May Lord Indra provide you earnestly ,
    the sunshine ,the rains,
    Dear weak fragiles, may the harvest
    give you only gains...