• free_soul_ 6w

    Even now I am scared to completely trust or give myself to him but with him i wanna try coz i know he will make me believe in love again.

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    I loved him but had no courage to admit it
    With him everything feels like it was meant to be
    So I was lost in the moment
    And suddenly all my fears started to fade away.
    How could I doubt his love when he loves me the way i have loved others before
    My enantiomer knows me soo well.
    He is both my home and holiday
    His eyes are so genuine, compelling me to believe.
    His voice so enchanting that pulls me out of my mess
    His touch healed all my wounds
    His presence filled the void in my heart
    He is just the way i have ever thought of
    My dream guy, my would be.
    Now that i have him i am even more scared of losing him
    But somewhere i know he is there to stay.
    All i want now is to hold his hand foreva, close to me always
    Take away all his pains and love him the way he deserves.