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    Remember your KG days? You never wanted to go to the SCHOOL..!!! But if you have had not started, would you have been able to find yourself where you are now? "NO!! "
    Yes, the start is always difficult, but once started, it's an assurance to your dream that you dreamt even with your open eyes...!!
    Studies, Relationships, Jobs and everything you come across is going to give you a tough time at beginning but, it would surely turn out in the way you always dreamt of it to be.
    Where ever you are now, whatever you are dreaming, give it a start and it has to happen the way your heart wanted it to be, sooner or later; patience is the key..!! Who says it's a cakewalk? Who says roads are always smooth? Tighten your seat belts of consistency and get ready for the big, bumpy, beautiful ride..!!


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    The start is not hope, its assurance!