• jamaree_writes_poems 10w

    Untitled, Part 3

    "Feels a bit different when I come from the struggle and get it out the Mud,
    Been in the position of failure many times as I'd fall and would cause a huge Thud,
    Preparing myself for the future because I know the best is yet to Come,
    I'll never forget the days where I hoping and praying to make it out of my Slum,
    A hard working individual with a smooth personality is who I am who's willing to go to that great Measure,
    This is the life we live where the pain is thrown with the Pleasure,
    Stood tall and with great strength when I was faced with possiblity of Defeat,
    Conquering my fears and doubts is so satisfying and is way more better than Sweet,
    Trying to create that type of impact that would last over a whole Century,
    My thoughts go to rest as I wrap up and close out my latest Entry ..."