• _eshanvi_ 5w

    It's Okay,
    Slow Down,Once In a While,
    When Things Get Too Much,
    And the World Outside is A Cacaphony of Noisy Traffic Lights and Lengthy Parades Of Broken Hearts And Lost Dreams,
    It's Okay,
    Take a step back,
    You don't have to keep up with Everything,
    Night after Night Staying Awake,Reading Self-help books(Heal Your Life),
    But,you see,those Books Never Tell You How to Stop this Ongoing Chatter Inside your Mind,
    The Anxiety,that keeps you Awake at Night,
    Because Its Not Nice,Waking Up Every Morning With Droopy Eyes,
    And Half-hearted Hope,
    Never Getting Enough Sleep Because Your Mind Is Always Thinking,Working,Calculating,
    Every Possibility Of Imperfectly Perfect Life With Him...♥️
    Slow Down A Little,
    Goo,Take A Walk,
    Laugh A Little,
    Smile A Lot,
    Wake up little late,
    Make Yourself A Perfect Cup Of Chai♥️,
    Read Your Loved Novel,
    Don't attend parties,functions just coz you need a break,
    At Times Cry a Little,
    Because Life,My Darling,
    Is Soo Much More Than A Broken Dream Or A Shattering Heartbreak...
    So,Slow Down If You Need To
    Just Let Yourself Live♥️♥️
    Let Yourself Live♥️