• alex_june 9w

    The wish

    You were there near me for as long as I can remember; probably it was the same for you, but we were so oblivious to each other. Trapped in our own little bubble, fighting and struggling and clamping and clawing through our own battles and our own fears and failures. Locked in a closed space thinking about and longing for a company which would stick around without passing judgements and ultimatums. That was the story of our childhood and adolescence. Being brutally battered and betrayed by the world, feeling discouraged and damaged I decided to place a distrustful trust on you quite skeptically. This was a gamble that I wanted to play one last time, so I went all in. As the time passed by and my swaying between trust and distrust ebbed, I found the company that I had been wishing for for a long time and the trust in you was reinforced with your actions and words which helped me heal little by little and they slowly started to chip away at the mask I hid myself behind. I must say that the mask is chipped but is still there, the wounds are there but your ointment of words and actions have eased up the pain. It has been so long that I felt the compassion which didn't have any hidden agenda that I wished it would stay, but the future is so uncertain. I just wish that you would stay for a longer time maybe a lifetime would be great. But I won't keep you as a bird in a cage, I appreciate the freedom I have and I wish for the very same for you, so be free and stay only if you wish to.