• shreyah 6w

    The paper boats that carried
    the last vows, we made under the
    influence of cocktail, sailed all through
    my soul before they stumbled upon
    your eyes and sank there and then.
    How tragic does it have to get,
    to eventually discern that,
    To love is to cut corners, 'cause that's
    what I learnt from you, the spirit who
    swore to stay with me for ever and
    evermore, that very spirit was indeed an
    apparition, right? (Absolutely!)
    Accusation is a hefty word to waste on you,
    So, we'll cross the bridge only
    when we come to it.
    I was living, something died.
    The train, I awaited, never arrived.
    The chains, you tamed me with, broke.
    I ventured the sun, I suffered a stroke.
    It was in that moment when,
    my nights turned peaceful
    and my morning sleep didn't
    crash with your thoughts,
    I knew, it was the last straw.


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