• xghoulishlovex 23w


    Blood. Its the only thing I require anymore. I'm not sure when it started. Time moves fast to me now. Months feel like mere days. Its like the internal clock in my head has broken and now its irrelevant to me. So again, I have no idea when the first thought that I needed blood came to me. All I remember is sitting outside and looking around me. Seeing all the people... so many people, and every one of them filled to the brim with blood. I could smell it. It wasn't that strong where it overcame me. But like someone had lit a candle in a small room. It slowly but surly got more noticeable. Especially as I watched them. Sitting at tables outside of shops with friends and families. Walking with their lover's as their hands were entwined. Groups laughing at some joke that was lost on me. Why would I care about some joke? The only thing I was interested in, was the blood that flowed through their veins. As I watched them the smell grew stronger and I could finally make out what it was... metal. Freshly cut metal at that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a vampire. When I first started craving, that was my first thought. Though no fangs protruded from my mouth nor did I hate garlic or roast in the sunlight. I just craved blood. At first I didn't give into it. I just moved it to the back of my mind and continued on with my day. At work it was easy to forget... at first. I worked in a bakery so the smells of bread, cakes, and cookies filled the air. As the days grew on though. The scent of cut metal began to take over. Day by day I tried to push it away but then something new happened. I started to get hungry, very hungry. I ate the left over bread at work to try and quell it but sadly, it didn't work. The urge grew along side the smell and the hunger. After a few days of resisting it the hunger grew unbearable. I was at work one night taking out the garbage, I smelled him before I saw him, but I saw a rat attempting to scurry past me. Before I knew what I was doing I pounced on him. Ripping him in half, holding him above my head and letting his blood seep into my mouth. As the last of the blood dripped from him I dropped my hands and blinked the confusion from my eyes as I looked down to see what I had done. I had each half of the rat in my hands with blood pooling in my palms. I let out a gasp of disgust as I threw the rat from my hands and began to wipe my mouth, when I realized something... I wasn't hungry anymore. I looked down to my palms, turning them over in the light of the streetlamp. I lifted one to my nose and smelled it. The smell was gone too. I quickly got up and ran to the employee bathroom and cleaned myself up. That was three weeks ago.... or so I think... remember time moves fast for me now. Anyway I've been killing the rats but soon ran out of those. I then moved onto alley dogs and cats, but their blood doesn't substain me for long unfortunatly. Tonight, there's a homeless woman sleeping close to the shop... Lets see what she tastes like.