• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    An Ode To OC's 'King Edward'

    A gentleman from the creme de la creme of Journalism,
    He bestowed on us media cognition & its behaviorism
    Handsome and personable that he is,
    His reputation in the industry is adroit & boundless
    Ranging from interviews at prisons to writing for print,
    As an academician, he holds the chair in the department.

    For every student is he an idol, full of adoration,
    As he enhances the quality of imparting education.
    An unending passion for hiking and biking,
    Every individual with his actions is he inspiring.
    Communication is what he is born to do best,
    Formally or informally, he performs it with zest.

    A man who sweats his heart & soul into perfection,
    Ensures in all his student's lives he makes a difference.
    Bringing out the best by sharpening intricacies,
    To every challenge, his skill set houses the remedies
    I hope he continues to keep "all of the above" as an academic option
    As none of the above adjectives are enough to tribute his contributions