• sharmila_37 10w


    Success is not one day work .
    You may have done breathtaking hard-work
    And still not get the success .
    Then you feel
    All the pains , all the crack made for nothing?,
    No, they are the marks of your worst days !
    Don't stop because when you get this feeling
    Then you are just one step behind the success.
    Now , its the time for a little more.
    And probably a time where most stop and return back as lose of confidence & Dedication .
    But some understands the place they've reached.
    And as already said keep doing hard-work and get the success.
    So when you taste failure after a lot of hard-work , hold patience .
    Recognize the fault and dont be a fool to let go all the confidence , sharpness and increase distance from the success.
    Since you are then just one step behind !