• augustdiaries 6w

    Deep mysteries

    Wrap those old thick scrapbook
    Pledge to me not to unwrap those past secrets
    Arranging in backpack jumbled with an additional notebook
    Zip it up with those old holder keys
    Leave from this old memory street
    Imagining what I have been through
    Moments experienced with someone who puts on all remembrances
    Sometimes it was tough to overcome
    Occasionally rough to illustrate how I think about it
    I guess you also recognize what I feel about it
    I understand we will never be meant to be
    Why do you look back and stare at me with those adorable sights
    Don't you know we won't be together in destiny
    Why do you reach to me so personal
    We both know what we feel about each other
    I know we both get envious when we converse about other
    Still cared for you every day
    Distant or near
    Remembering about you every day
    Those hugs, smiles, funny gesture and those eyes that you glance upon me when you talk to me
    It makes my hearts beat faster
    I still recollect what you first wear that night
    When we first met
    Black color fits perfectly for you
    With that of converse
    Nearer to close
    Started you are perfect for me
    Cause no one treats me true the way you did
    All those emotions that are delighted, sob, giggle share with you was the best
    I guarantee you that no one will understand you the way you understand me
    All these recollections will be better
    if it is kept hidden in deep mysteries.