• mspensieve8 5w

    Scarlet Love Sky

    You went that day
    Planting a kiss on my forehead.
    The plane flew,
    Against the turquoise of the sky
    Your eyes.
    I stood, still unsure
    If to go back or
    Sit there, until you came.
    Love's madness.

    Years of good old love
    And still I crave,
    Still I rant in your absence,
    Reminscing the serene silence,
    My face against your chest
    And your sleeping visage
    Buried in my tresses..
    Those surreal summers.

    My words get jumbled
    The papers, palimpsests
    Of your enticingly calm
    And smiling face.
    My ink wielding dark viscous
    Sketches of your name,
    My muse, now, is dethroned
    As your regal love
    Conquers my entire being.

    Just like that day
    when you paused
    My breath for few eternities,
    My gushing blood just
    Simmering with your love,
    Immobile and constant,
    Every atom of my life
    Now yearns
    To dance to that
    Same silent melody
    Rhythmic, and slow,
    The secret symphonies
    Sung by our unheard souls
    To ourselves that sent forth
    A rainbow only we can behold
    In our scarlet love sky.