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    Never take your life,never!

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    A Choice; Life or Death

    A Choice; Life or Death
    Life, Life,Life
    Life so precious oh, life!

    Oh, death!
    Thou art the harbinger of great sorrow,
    You,a thief of joy,
    You exhibit callousness subtly!

    Even in dire need nor abject poverty
    Even in grave denial
    And acute opposition,....

    In alienation and utter betrayal,
    Aberration would it be,
    To snuff out your life
    And give up the ghost.
    It's not an option,
    Give suicide no chance nor second thought.

    Life game though tricky
    And some scenario freaky,
    Yea it will shatter us a little,
    and tend to make us creaky,
    But it will call for some period of tweaky
    And in no time the darkness will varnish
    The night will pass,
    Ye,the cloud will disappear,
    Lemon will then turn lemonade,
    Grenade to pomegranate,
    All strains will birth a huge harvest of grain
    And all toil will be greatly rewarded,
    If and only if we don't give up on life.
    © Adeoye Favour I.