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    Happy Birthday My beautiful Princess ♥️ #queen_hearted

    The heart suddenly seems so very empty
    I miss you so much my little darling Princess
    my little independent girl Thank you for being part of my life.of course that is when you wants something Then I became the sun, the moon, and the stars Once your demands were satisfied,

    Silently demanding, telling me
    " mujhe aapki awaz sun ni hai �� , mujhe photo dekhna hai abhi k abhi �� princess dekhenga. "
    In her very different sometimes I tell her for breakfast.
    And princess" me nahi khaunga �� mujhe bhukh nahi hai .
    And I like " kyu nahi khaunge �� khana padega "
    Princess " nahi khaunga bhag jaunga "
    Me -" me pakad lunga ."
    Princess- "fir bhi bhag jaunga"

    Her demanding like a little daughter. That's precious time to with me. ��

    Your dada wish :-
    Comfort - on difficult days,
    smiles - when sadness introduce,
    Laughter - to spread on lips
    Sunset - to warm your heart,
    Hugs - when a spirit sag,
    Faith - so you can believe,
    Confidance - for when you doubt
    Courage - to know yourself
    Patience - to accept the truth
    Love - to complete your life

    Ye un dino ki baat hai -

    " मेरी आंखो में उदासी महसूस करके
    में हसाता रहा वो पूरी रात रोती रही "


    She brightens up my days from morning till night
    her smiles and laughter has such a beautiful light.
    She's sweet and kind to all that she knows,
    her heart gets bigger and brighter as she grows.
    She makes the sunshine on the rainiest day
    she'll make you smile no matter what she may say.
    She's an princess in disguise with the most beautiful eyes
    she's one of God's greatest gifts, she's a heck of a prize.
    She'll help you with anything, she'll fix everything
    she's an princess I tell you! Her head crown are hiding within.
    She brings to the world...Beauty, love, honesty, joy, and grace
    she makes you realize it's such a beautiful place.
    She makes everything better, rather it be talk, song, or even a letter
    she's a daughter with princess crown and she'll be this way forever and ever.
    She shares her heart she shares her smiles
    and that is something you'll feel and see for miles and miles.
    She see's a sad upset or lonely face
    best believe she's fast to take her place.
    She'll always be there she'll always care
    she's an princess I tell you, she is very much rare.
    She's my princess forever and ever until the end
    she is my daughter you see, my daughter with hidden crown ��.

    @rhythmic_beats and wish from my Teadru❣️

    Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest sister, may you always shine bright like a diamond and make us proud! Love you

    Your loving
    Dada ���� (Malinga)

    Draw by me ����

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