• fearsotherside 5w

    But what about Chiron stationing...

    I can't get over how blissed out I am today. It's almost as if I shouldn't jump the gun & say anything to jinks it. I know you know I've closed out Cycles before. This is different. So different.

    It's as if I am riding the middle but not the old stuck in limbo, no. It's experiencing both releasing & welcoming at the same time. Nothing good or bad, it just is, but this feels good.

    I suppose yesterday was a much bigger milestone than I realised. Knowing what needs improving helps. My confidence & fire had kind of gone out. Though I didn't want to be there. I had to just ride it out. I am ready to step it up a notch & I guess the universe heard my calls.

    I can see where I need to improve & why I had to get to that point. It was the theme of hermit mode, my world mirroring back what i hadn't been giving. I hadn't the energy to. But I needed to see how my outside world was mirroring that back to me & accept it. And do better...when I was ready.

    At first this was a hard pill to swallow, but I am sure glad I did, today I feel the difference.

    There is definitely a past life cycle closing out & ancestral wounds having been healed.

    I have been getting signs & sycronicities all day just elevating me. There is not any one thing happening, its kind of all coming full circle. A difference I am noticing is I'm not seeing everything I've worked through from a new perspective, usually this happens. Those who know know. I am just open & light. I wish I could capture this in it's entirety with words. I'm kind of not bothered in one way.

    I said about Chiron at the beginning, because he is the wounded healer, I feel he has a major major part to play in us healing through the ages. And I feel like the poor guy is overlooked. He stations in Aries the 13th/14th of December. He's the one that shines a light on the wounds we carry. He is similar to Saturns energy. Yet he brings about life circumstances that are a different type of karma, they are life & past life lessons. Since 2008 he has made repeating life cycle lessons extra challenging for us to see what, within our selves & our actions need changing. He is the rainbow bridge. His shift in march from Pisces was a gateway for those who chose, to move into a more Aquarius mindset & energy.

    I realise after writing this yesterday, even though I knew it was (re. Previous post), it was the 12/12/2020 portal. They always seem to have extra magic in the air. I remember last years 11/11 portal full of luck, signs, sycronicities & magic. Yesterday was also the beginning of a 9 day cycle.

    There's a lot going on at the moment. I find its easier to just focus on how I'm feeling sometimes. The info. can get overwhelming. It's all up to you which mindset & frequency you chose to embrace. You can choose to change at anytime. Yet there is certain times when energies & you work together better to let go or embrace or create or connect with others or focus on self.