• flaringflames 5w


    I'm a mixture of black and white.
    My heart is tainted with the colours that make my eyes turn red
    As the tears that fall never seem to end
    I guess science wasn't lying
    We are made of more than a half of water
    Which I guess makes its easier to be crying
    Instead of trying.

    I'm tainted
    So tainted I can't see my true skin
    I'm tainted
    So tainted I can't feel a thing
    I'm tainted so tainted
    I wonder if saving me is worth getting a little tainted.

    Drag me from the depth of darkness if you will
    Hold me up by the collar of my shirt if you will
    Do what you will,
    just wash this tainted skin off me
    Wash my skin,my heart and soul
    Wash me all and let me be whole,
    Let me be new,
    New again is what I want to be
    I want to see my true skin once again for I've forgotten what they use to be,
    for it's been a long while since I've seen the real me
    Save me from the tainted being I've become
    Save me...
    Or let me be,
    Let me be tainted till a spot of me cant be seen
    Let me be a tainted till I look in the mirror and wonder who that is...
    Let me be,
    Let me drown,
    Let me drown in the pool of darkness that I created by my very hands and let me never see the light again