• wingsofmaverick 10w

    I m missing

    It's crossing midnight but my mind is still rewinding,
    Memories are just videos of you in my mind rewinding,
    Whiskey chugging down my throat just like some tonic healing,
    I m still hurt, the wounds are still fresh I still miss I hate this feeling,
    Toxic air around me makes it hard for me to breath but I m still smokin,
    I know you were a manipulative bitch just playin,
    But my love was true, I ain't any player, I had intentions of staying,
    Unlike you srrounding me with clouds of betrayal planning on leavin,

    I followed you from Paris to london, falin for you,
    I trusted no one, you were one of the very few,
    But your kisses were lies while the promises were part of the disguise,
    From dating to proposing, engaging to marring falling apart to your lies,
    Go on call me some addict high on some prescriptions,
    Label me as a cheater while I ruin myself cuz I m still missin'
    This Night doesn't ends, the darkness doesn't subsides, I m still breakin,
    My mind is just playin games with me, bringing back these memories, why am I still feelin'