• pragati___ 6w


    Sometimes it feels like life desperately throws crappy situations on me.
    It be like the feelings of letting myself drown deep in peace and sleep
    Heart doesn't want to accept the soul's death and mind,
    It just acts like a sufferer in between an entanglement.

    Trying to be on my own can help sometimes;
    And sometimes, everything is out of hold.
    I be taken to those moments when I can wrap myself in optimism
    But other times, do nothing except being numb and cold.

    Times were there when talking to myself would heal things
    Now, I miss that "self" with whom once I talked.
    No reasons behind not finding out reasons
    Why things get worse and my only self with whom I once handled every situations, silently walked?

    Sometimes, I have this feeling that my "self" will get back
    And I again happily wrap myself in that optimism in my life
    Because realization for "self" is as important as breath for everybody,
    And then you'll feel that the "self" is the only beautiful vibe in life.