• hearts_to_ink 6w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 3)

    Never in the least to guess what ahead lay
    Thread the Fates chose to spin around me
    A moment of haste was all there could be
    To stab my father and snatch his place
    Oh Kronos! You vile fiend, who poisoned
    My soul to slay mine own blood for power
    Was I perhaps human, to err and later repent?
    No I shant sway from the path of vengeance
    But my dear Elektra, how I wish you were here
    A father may never love any daughter more
    A blot it may be for I favoured you the most
    How I grieved as you were taken by that imp!
    That thug who calls himself King of the Gods
    Who laid his hand on my child and left her
    For many moons you grieved over the battles
    How I wish I were there to wipe your tears!
    Zeus!! For long have I bore your fornication
    No longer will tyranny thrive in Gaia's bosom
    Lord Ouranos' will coursing through my body
    My bare hands to rip all the gods shall suffice