• feyheart 9w

    Silent heart ♥

    She used to be a kind of caring nd loving person
    And he showed her love also
    Things went smoothly, and, she keeps falling.
    Day by day and every night she keeps thinking
    Thinking of how sweet he is.

    Later on it seems as if her love isn't reciprocated like before.
    Saddens her heart but would still keep mute.
    Believing that he would realize it someday,
    True, he realized but queried and apologized.

    And there it goes again.

    Came this usual acts from him it melted her heart
    But she kept mute again but this time she's hoping
    That he could jst make a promise.
    She doesn't want to loose after all this efforts
    Neither does she want to lose him.

    Kept mute again

    Deep down in her she knew that they're negative charges
    Inside of him, he knows that they're not compatible.
    But why would it come their way
    Why couldn't it go else where