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    Don't take me wrong, and try to be broad.

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    We have all been there. We have all tried to be selfless. We have all, at one point of life, wanted to help a stranger — or a well known person for that matter. And at times, even when we know that it might end up hurting us, we still don't step back. We look at that person, see the broken, the helpless being, looking up at you, with hope in his eyes. And you, the altruist that you are, spend your time, your energy, money even, to help this person out. Don't you?

    Well I did that too sometime back. I was thinking like you. To help this person out, to heal them, to give them the happiness they deserve. Trying to be the angel that all of us need at some point on life.
    But these are mordern times, aren't they? You can't even help somebody without having to pay a price.

    So being good and selfless, took a toll on me.

    Well one good thing came out of it though. I learned that being a altruist can't do all good evermore. You need to safe gaurd yourself first. You have to make sure that while catering someone in need, the service doesn't scathe you. If you have a notion that this act to meliorate someone would injure you—and I don't mean only physically— then stop! You don't need to go around helping everybody and anybody you come across. Think of yourself first, your own good. You have been nifty long enough.

    And I don't mean that stop being good altogether. Don't take me wrong please. I just want you to be careful. To put yourself first, because sometimes making somebody else a priority leaves you tainted for a lifetime.