• oindri_paul 23w

    The Solang

    The Broken lanes , the tempted sun rays , glittering pir panjal and the crystal clear sky! The entire path was scattered with tiny pieces of rocks to big boulders surrounded by exotic flora and fauna that will mesmerize your eyes. From this broken unwanted roads I started my journey towards the top!

    The road that less traveled by is chosen by me. The dried leaves that fallen apart from the giant like mountain tree on the green carpet of the grass. From there I could see the small red houses in other side of the mountain crowning by the undulating clouds. After that , I saw a decorated buffalo and I just tried to capture him in my camera. I continued my journey through that less traveled road. After travelling for more than two hours I saw the real beauty of the Earth , the entire area was covered by snow and the flowing of crystal clear river-The Chilled water ; I touched my feet and shouted “Woo-It’s too cold”. Again , I continued my journey towards my destination.

    All the journeys don’t need to reach the destinations- because , you need to make your journey a worth so that , you will dream to frame the journey to cherish it in later.

    I met with so many passersby , talked with them shared stories with them and enjoyed the beauty. While I was stepping my foot , it seemed like the mountain was calling me alike the mother calls her daughter. I just got the WOO feelings , at last when I reached the Top.It’s Solang Valley! The entire area was covered by snow and people were trying different types of adventure sports activity and I tried nothing only looking at the nature as if my eyes were popping outside- I simply got lost in the nature!