• luna_sakura 23w

    3 Years Ago

    I can still smell the sharp sea salt,
    Feel the cold drizzle beat against my skin,
    And the icy wind brush through my hair.
    I can still feel the force against my weary sneakers,
    Propelling through the bulky beach sand,
    While I walked blissfully right beside you.

    Etched in my memory is still the most perfect scene;
    The majestic moon glistening on the surface of the restless dark ocean,
    Waves noisily crashing against the shore
    Ironically, in the calmest way imagined.

    There we stood absorbing every second,
    Of the spirit of nature that intertwined our souls.
    There, we experienced our first magical night together,
    The beauty of the cosmos blanketing us in an unspeakable bond.

    A bond to never be forgotten.