• scholar 5w


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    With sticky fingers and dirty clothe
    I saw him playing around
    Not too young nor too old
    When the sun is shining
    And the birds are charping
    I called on him and he answered
    A little shy but very sensible was he

    In his word, I noticed how knowledgeably he's endowed
    When he talks of ages back
    When people were to each other
    Like the sun is to the earth
    Where people express expression expressively
    Inexpressiveness becomes so expensive
    And people wear the Laurel of brotherhood

    Compare to now, where we're miserable by nature
    Lack of empathy becomes a culture
    Happiness from sorrow
    And victory from defeat is hard to find
    We become dead but walking
    Putting on fake smiles to hide the judgement

    In him,I can see wisdom he hold
    Which is locked up and never told