• penblossom9713 9w

    The Unexpected Feeling

    It's a rainy season and our exams are going on..
    On the first day of my exam I had an unusual feeling in my mind
    that I am going to meet someone who is going to be a big part of my life....❤
    When I entered the room I checked the number near to my seat and I enquired about the person, he was my senior but I didn't see him yet..
    I just remembered all the seniors but he was not there and his name also not so familiar..
    When the bell rang we all went out to keep the bags outside ..
    Then just before entering the classroom I saw him from the moment itself I realized that it was the one
    When I saw him I got some feelings that can't be explained and I don't know how it happened because it was the first time I was seeing him.. and he was the next number to me..
    This is how he entered into my life...❤ and I never thought that this feeling will last forever..