• lookkey 10w

    Wood on wood,
    Beam on beam,
    The checkered jackets,
    Run full steam.

    Forklift up,
    Tove lazer down,
    Yellow hard hats,
    All around.

    Ropes on shoulders,
    Coffee cups,
    Boots all covered,
    Lots of muck.

    Muddy trenches,
    Dirt, debris,
    Posts, and plywood,
    Worker bees.

    Hollow houses,
    Wooden shells,
    Families buy,
    Developers sell.

    Dupont housewrap,
    Densglass gold,
    Exterior sheathing,
    Fibreglass mold.

    Tuques and hoodies,
    Wool socks, hammer,
    Tool belts, work boots,
    Function - not glamour.

    Lot number 40,
    6 months of toil,
    Dream home is standing,
    Where once was just soil.

    Framers forgotten,
    Designers are praised!
    Nothing to decorate
    If homes are not raised.

    Red doors and planters,
    Tall trees one day.
    Green grass and lilacs,
    I hear children play.....

    (With sincere thanks to all the men and women who toil under the hot sun, and in the freezing cold to house our families. Especially those who do not have homes themselves.)

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