• abbiiee 6w

    From being the very important one but messages left unreplied, unread..
    To interested lengthy replies to her stared at me to compare.

    From 'it is an exchange of few texts on some days',
    To finding talks - morning, noon until late night of everyday..

    From telling me you were tired and going to bed,
    To finding out you chatted all night, for hours instead.

    From you asserting it was talks of only about poetry,
    To finding, it ended with exploring experiences kinky..

    From you saying you did not talk and deleted her digits,
    To finding her name and the number in your phone list.

    From you quickly correcting you had added it today,
    To discovering her call log in the record of past day.

    Whilst you carried the trust to disclose your gory past,
    What attrition wears down the will to share the present ?

    Did i tell you, I am ashamed at running a check on you ?
    I hoped to be happy, praying my intuition be unquestionably Untrue.

    I am anguished that you were validated wrong,
    What came the need to lie, hide and connive upfront ?

    All I implored was to trust me, I'd always be on your side,
    Was it too much to ask, a plain, unaltered honest confide ?

    I lost my sleep, trust and peace of mind,
    ...something beautiful, even a friendship at hand.

    From no remorse, regret after getting caught,
    To your denial that you lied begot me a shock..

    My sorrow for not meaning much to you now delves deep,
    I was not even a friend, merely and just another one in your keep.