• penny_love 22w

    In Avoidance of
    Rot & Fillings

    Come on sweetheart
    Its time
    You havent brushed your teeth yet
    And All I want for you is
    To have them stay sparkling clean
    And For a very long time ill say
    you'll see it because
    never do teeth over do their stay
    You may not know it now but
    there's a many more important ways
    in which you can use your teeth
    other than brushing i mean

    If those rot and fillings come
    you'll taste their neglects misdeeds and
    you'll always need your eagle eye
    In keeping them away

    So come on now!...
    up you get!
    Bathroom now!...Clicks
    Oh my gosh!
    I mustn't care!
    Why do I even ask?
    In the bathroom now!...Clicks clicks clicks

    There we go
    Good boy
    In we go
    Brush Water Paste
    You've got this right?
    How many minutes?
    Keep it going and I'll be back shortly
    and that is the time...then and only then
    is when you can stop!

    the days sure been long in coming
    for the repeats to leave
    Even If only for consistancy to arrive
    The slower the attention
    the quicker the rots to be
    The nearest fix here is to be
    I think ive got it
    A mothers persuasion In Backward step.

    Bathroom calls

    Well well well would you look at that!

    Done mr?

    Let me see?

    Wow wow wow look at that!

    Let me smell!

    Oh my gosh Yummo!

    That was easy for you
    your excellent at it
    And you know
    your plaques your plaque
    So its very important not to pass it on
    Understand? ...

    Now tell me mr...

    Their keepers arent they?...

    Brilliant job handsome!

    Now Take this
    Slam dunks kiss on forehead...