• nikhil_jagiasi 10w

    Hello buddy!
    The quote you just read was not initially written this way. I made a mistake while writing this down.
    The art you are practicing won't be EXTREMELY GREAT without making mistakes.
    The life you're living won't teach you lessons until you make MISTAKES.
    This universe has a hidden rule which says "You don't know whether it's the correct way until you walk on it"
    Every scientist did experiments on hit and trial basis.
    They did walk on the way and did not get the results. Repeated this process hundreds and thousands of times. And finally reached where they wanted to. So, always remember that MIS-TAKES are MUST TAKES in life.
    I believe in you and I know you won't be scared of making mistakes here after.

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    Fear of mistakes (Read Caption)

    Fearing to make mistakes is just like building a roof over the tree and expecting it to grow high.