• ru_pali 9w

    That's what happens when you take wrong turns of your life. You get badly hurt and it become so hard to recover from the injury you acquire.
    #wrong #turn #love #hurts #mirakee #longpoem

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    Wrong Turn

    I was running on a right track
    My life was changing gears languidly
    Suddenly there came two roads
    I had to pick one between love or alone life
    I chose love
    This road was so beautiful
    It was full of surprises
    It was painted with red and decorated with hearts
    Each day was so special
    I crossed my speed limit on that road
    I was enjoying it to the fullest
    One day I met with an accident with boulder named Changes
    I got injured badly, never get properly recovered
    It hurt me from inside out
    Then I realized, it was the Wrong Turn of my life.