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    I imagine a world where the most selfless person and the most kind is the king. The moment his conscience realises that whatever decision of his didn't have others in mind or was not for good, he'll cease to be the king anymore. Money shall be spent only for charity and to buy day to day things, kindness or help shall be the cost.
    A world where a person at any moment can give up his situations or job that doesn't satisfy his soul and pack his bags and leave for a calm quiet place where he could grow his own food and live without being judged.
    Where love is the foundation of marriage or being together. Not money, not caste, not status. Only love. Where cheating is a sin and as soon as a person eevn thinks of it, he ceases to exist. Cheating or stealing or acting as if he is kind, where his conscience knows and is aware, that person dies instantly. Where everyone has equal assets and if a person is rich, it is because he has done a lot of charity and is kind.
    A wrold where no one feels or knows what is hunger. Where knowledge is free and only the person's interest in a field of study matters and he is free to choose anything. Where corruption doesn't even have a place in the dictionary because no one came across anything like it.
    A world full of flowers, plants, trees, birds and happy animals. This is my world. I know it cannot exist. But I cannot help imagining such a kind world.

    But what we can do is, create such micro kind worlds around us. When 7 billion of us do, maybe we can be closer to it?


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