• ragini7 6w

    |WHO IS SHE|

    They pushed her down,
    Chased her away.
    They stormed her life,
    Her teary eyes did say.
    She was helpless,
    They made her cry.
    Made her life hell,
    And forced her to die. 

    But there is hope,
    Because she survives.
    Learning to cope,
    And struggling in her life.
    Still caring and loving,
    Bearing and working.
    She is a mother, a sister , a daughter, a sister, a wife.
    With heart full of courage she strives. 

    She is a miracle, unique all the way.
    She is a woman that's all I need to say. 

    But what can we do?
    Appreciate her, she deserves it.
    Respect her, she earned it.
    Love her, she is worth it.
    And free her, her soul yearns it.
    Break her chains, free her wings.
    Let her fly and touch the sky.

    She is fierce, let her fight,
    Don't hold her down,
    Because she is the light.

    She is the fire,
    Let her shine your darkest night,
    And burn your worst desires alight.

    She is a flower,
    Help her grow.
    Nourish her with your love.
    And that's how you empower. 

    -Ragini Choudhury