• santor_674 10w

    Invisibility that I possess with a tinge of forlorn, for it had wrapped me beneath its arms, though packed in a crowd, I feel lonely, considered as a kitten amidst the litter of puppies !

    Naked and invisible were my poems, for they undress its beauty, with melancholy, the metaphoric verses leave in pain, for they went in vain.

    Silent and invisible were my melodies, for they untangled its chords, with tears the tune of the melody bit by bit wither, wandering hither and thither.

    //I was invisible in the light and celebrated in the dusk, for I was fostered by a demon, not an angel//

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    "I" won't matter!

    Nowhere to go , stranded in an island nobody aside me, while solitude reckons me as an invisible soul, floating in the sea, the waves drift me back to the shore, gesturing that solitude to be the destiny I always pondered about!

    //Fabricating the shattered pieces of solitude, it lends me back a cloak of invisibility - for I had been nothing but a strand of thread entangled in a woven sweater//