• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    We came a long way,
    turning back reminds our struggle for identity,
    we lost, we won, we cried, we smiled.
    Life was in a whirl for us,
    still, we never slipped from our axis of rotation.
    Society tried to pull us back,
    yet, we stood strong with our demands.
    Life was never a bed of roses, rather it was thorns for us,
    we shed our blood and sweat for the identity,
    identity for us,
    identity for our work.
    This journey took years,
    yet, we never lost patience.
    From home to office,
    our duty never ends,
    Working or homemaker,
    identity crisis prevails.
    New wave of feminism demands identity,
    the identity of being an individual.
    Recognition of being someone feels accomplished,
    this journey for identity was never a fairytale,
    we never got afraid and kept moving in rhythm.
    While walking on these roads,
    I realized that this struggle is going to be one of a kind,
    this struggle will made our names carved in gold.
    Worst part of the story is that,
    millions and billions of women have lost their identity,
    juggling between being someone's daughter and wife,
    we need to come out of the shell to discover the world,
    which never fails to amaze us,
    It's high time to ask where's my identity.