• staransh 5w

    I lost faith in God
    The day I lost hope
    Surrounded with thoughts
    of evil minds,Was trap in darkness ,No existence of my kind.With all hopes gone
    With time I frowned
    Don’t know what to ignore
    and what to feel
    I loved and cared but they never shared.My hunger for care turned me from inside with every second the evil grew in me, and for them I was all to be blamed,Those words now don’t hurt me anymore
    I got used to it and my feelings were all over .No sadness, No tears were left anymore
    The care I wanted, I didn’t cared about it anymore ,Was happy to be alone, Give damn to what they think of me,Me and I is all I have to start and end with,I am all what you created me by your words , Though I regret
    But this is what it made me