• sien_belgora 23w

    War flower

    A field where somewhere poppies grow
    Between the little grassy rows
    This is the mark of where we fight
    Above the singing birds take flight
    Unheard beneath, the gunshot blow.

    A soldier's heart, no friend nor foe
    Though not names, but pain we know
    A cry we hear, and now it starts
    The fight till death of a soldier's heart,
    And we'll see Life's sunset orange glow.

    A death, with grace, short days ago
    We lived and loved for all we know
    And with sobs and tears, hear we lie
    Where another war comes strolling by
    And lets the withered poppies grow.

    We rest here longer than you know,
    While holding onto war what all we throw
    We clutch this sand of forever's peace
    Which with war is out of reach,
    So let not those bloodstained poppies grow
    And love and live as much as so.