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    3 Little Piggys

    Once there lived 3 Bacon brothers
    on a cul-de-sac down the street
    There also was a big bad wolf
    who was trying to be discreet
    There once was a house made of straw
    and one of branches from a tree
    Neither would have been up to code
    but lets not stray from the story

    He blew these two down with his breath
    during a temper tantrum spell
    He was dressed like a business man
    and walked bipedular as well
    Were pork chops on that canine's mind
    before he bulldozed both their digs
    I'm sure you've heard the story of
    what happened to these poor little pigs

    They all end up with the third one
    and you can tell how much HE'S thrilled
    His house was constructed of brick
    and his brothers were nearly killed
    The bathroom's been ocupado
    and they keep screwing with the heat
    Then comes a knock on his front door
    only a fool would try to greet

    Cheeks inflated like two balloons
    while swiveling the weather vein
    Could halitosis be stronger
    than this attempt at a hurricane?
    Then one gets smart and gets a gun
    since this is a fantasy then
    3 little piggys go hunting
    That dog was never seen again