• sturmfreidwritings 5w

    Full Moon

    I've always tried to look at you the way I look at the moon. Always changing. Incrementally in the process of being whole.

    And from my recurring failure to do so, I admit that I am yet to figure your slow beginning and progress. I am yet to learn not to rush your growth and maturity. I am yet to see you struggle to shine in the darkness. And that is why, in the more years to come, I promise to sit on all of your phases with even more patience and understanding. I promise to be present, gazing, admiring every look you boast on me or choose to keep in private.

    And I promise to watch each of your montages to wholeness with respect to your own timing. I will not skip the unimportant parts. I will stay until the time that you're ready.

    And tonight, the long wait is over—you did it. You are finally whole. Round and circle. Shining brighter than ever. And you are the most beautiful thing that has ever registered my eyes—even now that they are closed and about to sleep into the night. For they have always known how beautiful you are. Your quarter. Your half. And now in your full.

    And you have always been the perfect example of how things become more beautiful if you wait for the right time to come. I've loved you enough to wait for you to become whole this year. And darling, you are worth every second of it.

    —A.J. Generillo