• unknownpoetess 5w

    Just You & Me

    Just little old me and little old you,
    Bound together by the ribbons of fate that prove ever true,
    In a world where names seem worthless and hollow,
    We feel like two stars entwined, never letting darkness ever truly swallow.

    If Time were to try and take me, would you childishly refuse to accept and hold on to my vessel tight?
    Or would you join me, and make it are own cherished delight?
    Would you climb mountain tops, just to capture our perfect view?
    Would you say those three words with no reluctance, like I would for you?

    Maybe I'm just dreaming, my soul trapped in this tattered barred cage,
    A puppet being toyed with, performing for others on a frilly stage.
    Should I dare to hope, that you'll help me escape and hurry behind me in tow,
    As you free me from that stage, the audience frowning as they gaze upon a curtain-closed show.

    Now just little old me and little old you once more,
    Content with the other's company, almost like before,
    Except now we've got this silly thing called love,
    As we walk together hand in hand beyond the golden gates of above.