• hurricanediaries 36w

    In the house I grew up
    when the twins were young,
    we had an iron safe.
    My mother kept it locked always
    and was allowed to carry the key,
    because she was married to the eldest son
    my grandmother once told me.
    The sturdy iron safe held valuables
    of each family member in that house,
    everyone was allowed to choose something
    to keep safe, something they loved the most.
    This is how my mother had explained it to me.
    My grandfather joked one day
    that I was old enough for this tradition,
    he said I too could choose one special thing
    to hide away in that iron safe.
    Being young, I didn't own any such valuable items
    and neither was I attached to those things the most,
    I told my grandfather we'd need a bigger safe,
    that could hold my mother,
    because she was the most precious thing I had.
    And to this day, I believe that.